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Conversion of different types of biomass into bioenergy is usually performed using thermo-chemical conversions such as combustion, gasification, or pyrolysis. The most well established and commonly used method is direct combustion to generate heat which can be used for generating electricity or

Concentrated solar power

The abundant solar energy available has the potential to provide the whole world with energy. Decarbonization and electrification are strong drivers for development and the solar power sector is currently growing exponentially. Solar power plants harness energy either in photovoltaic (PV) cells

Geothermal energy

Geothermal heat from below the Earth’s surface is a natural and renewable source of energy. Found around the globe and available year-round, this largely untapped renewable energy source offers a steady, predictable large-scale power generation. Geothermal power plants are concentrated in

Wind power

Wind power is one of the fastest-growing renewable energy technologies and also one of the most mature technologies, originating back hundreds of years where settlers used the power of the wind for grinding grain and pumping water. Today windmills are moving to windier and more remote locations

The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly effect We have used an analogy to show how a compressor valve, weighing not much more than a butterfly, can have an effect far greater than its small size and weight. The idea that a small change in conditions could create a very different outcome was first used by American

Sandvik’s Nuclear Core: Meet the Team – Johanna Isaksson

Name: Johanna Isaksson Title: Customer Project Manager Business Unit: Energy Location: Sandviken, Sweden Meet the team Magnus Brodin Johanna Isaksson Anders Frelin Simon Sun Meet the core of Sandvik’s nuclear division–our team. In our new Nuclear Core series, we’ll introduce the faces behind

Sandvik Nuclear Tubes Extended to Reach 50-Year Service Life in Chinese Nuclear Power Plant

In May 2019, Qinshan Phase I–the First Nuclear Power plant in China–extended the lifetime of its reactor with Sandvik Alloy 800 nuclear tubes inside by 20 years to reach a total 50-year service life. The background Qinshan Phase I, where steam generators were fabricated by Shanghai Boiler

Online services web shop

Please note that our online Services web shop has now closed. Sales of small batches of knife steel and test coupons have also now stopped. However, product and technical information can be found via the links below Products & services Knife Steel Technical center Contact

Sandvik speeds up deliveries of urgently needed fine medical tubing

Related products More news Shorter delivery times and strong prioritization as the Sandvik unit High Precision Tubing adjusts the production in favor of orders related to the coronavirus (COVID-19). The demand for respirators, medical diagnostics, and test equipment is currently extremely high

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