Pursuing the fridge of the future

The demands on future products set the agenda for Sandvik’s research and development. Together with a classroom full of children and global appliances manufacturer Electrolux, we went on a journey to explore the fridge of the future.

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In collaboration with our customers we strive to find innovative solutions and products to meet future requirements. Committed to getting a head start, we turned to the next generation of consumers for help.

As documented in a video, we sent Anders, one of our materials experts, to a school and let the 7 to 8-year-old students draw their vision of a future fridge. Together with Electrolux, we selected a few ideas and turned them into one concept – a tree-inspired, interactive and modular refrigerator.

We also visited the Electrolux labs to see what was already in the pipeline and learn what requirements we could expect to be placed on our compressor valve steel.

The fridge of the future – kids’ edition

What happens when you involve schoolchildren in the innovation process for a future fridge? Watch the video to find out.

Meet the TIM fridge

“Hello TIM, what can you offer me today?” The children’s fridge of the future is both interactive and flexible.

Welcome to the refrigerator lab

Learn the latest about refrigeration development from inside the Electrolux R&D department.

Behind the scenes of Sandvik’s R&D

Collaboration with customers is key when Sandvik sets out to develop the next-generation compressor valve steel.

What’s in store for refrigerators?

Compressor technology will reign in the fridge business for many years to come, but great innovations are on the drawing board. Learn what Electrolux is picturing for the future.

The history of the refrigerator

From ancient ice houses to the connected fridges of today – take a tour through the history and development of the refrigerator.

How it works

From the basics of a refrigerator system to the properties of Sandvik’s compressor valve steel grades, learn how it is all connected and why the valve material is so essential.

Sophia and Malou, 7

“This fridge is like a robot! If you press a button you can ask how much you have eaten. The fridge might answer that you have eaten too much sugar and now you have to eat an apple or something. And then it gives you an apple! This is because the robot can keep track of what you have eaten.”

Smera, 8

“When you buy something from the store, you put it into the lift. It has a sensor to sense what it is and where in the fridge it should go. There is also a sensor that recognizes who you are. If you stand in front of the fridge, the door slides open. You say what you want and the fridge passes you the food. This fridge can change sizes and be used as hand luggage.”

Ossi, 8

“If you run out of food, the fridge can teleport food from the store. It even pays for it. The fridge has an engine pipe, an electric piston and a cooler if it overheats. The engine also runs the cooler and keeps the teleporter and food cold.”