Pressurfect and Pressurfect XP

Every year, we are witnessing a doubling of pressure in gasoline direct injection (GDI) fuel systems. Pressurfect™ is a new seamless stainless steel tube that allows for stronger, safer handling of fuel pressures over 250 bar/25 MPa – with no pitting or cracking. The new tube will be made available in two grades: standard Pressurfect™, an austenitic chromium-nickel steel for fuel rails and fuel lines; and Pressurfect™ XP, a duplex for demanding fuel rail applications.

Pressurfect™ – for GDI fuel rails and fuel lines

With its favorable mechanical strength and consistent quality, standard Pressurfect™ is an attractive alternative to carbon or welded steels. This is largely due to the steel's microstructure and low carbon content, which have been optimized to avoid jeopardizing properties like corrosion resistance and mechanical strength. We've reduced non-metallic inclusions and optimized the chemical composition, process and production parameters. The material has also been optimized for machinability, including drilling, turning and other tasks.

Key benefits

  • Reliable mechanical strength
  • Favorable machinability
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Excellent bendability for fuel lines

Pressurfect™ has been optimized for machinability

Pressurfect™ XP – duplex tube for GDI fuel rails

For more advanced needs, our Pressurfect™ XP is a lightweight duplex stainless tube for GDI fuel systems. In terms of yield strength, it is far superior to conventional carbon stainless tube, allowing the tube walls to be 30-40% thinner, while still handling the same pressure as thicker tubes. The material has also been developed to improve the brazing process, with little pre-heating or retouch required when mounting the injector ports or other fuel systems.

Key benefits

  • Enables up to 40% thinner walls
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • High mechanical strength
  • Improved brazing properties

Pressurfect™ XP enables up to 40% thinner walls