Control line calculator

Sandvik's control line calculator is a tool that provides estimates of the highest permissible internal pressure for control lines of certain sizes and Sandvik grades. You can choose between the three formulas, several outer diameters and wall thicknesses, the option of seamless or welded, and the well temperature.

Based on your inputs, the available material grades will be displayed along with their internal yield pressure (psi) and burst pressure (psi). You can update or change the parameters as many times as you like, on your preferred device. The result of each calculation is presented as approximate maximum working pressure.

Due to the differences in national regulations, this type of calculation differs from country to country, and many limitations exist. We have therefore chosen to present the following standards. Click on each standard to find out more about the formula.

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  1. 1. Formula

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  2. 2. Diameter and thickness

    Select your outer diameter and wall thickness combination from the options below:
  3. 3. Tube manufacturing process

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  4. 4. Temperature and pressure

    Select your preferred well temperature:
  5. 5. Safety factor

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