Compressor valve steel

Hardened and tempered strip steel for manufacturing many types of valves:

Compressor valves, reed valves, check valves, flapper valves, relief and relieve valves, explosion valves, diaphragms, lamellas, emergency valves, shutting and shut-off valves. They are used in, among others, the following applications:

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  • Air conditioning equipment
  • Brake systems
  • Heat pumps
  • Industrial air compressors
  • Refrigerators and freezers
  • Vacuum pumps

Increased design freedom with our Hiflex™ compressor valve steel

Our Hiflex™ compressor valve steel enables higher valve lift, leading to increased compressor efficiency. Reduced length of valve with maintained lift enables miniaturization of the valve.

Our Hiflex™ compressor valve steel is well suited for use in compressors where higher pressures, frequencies and temperatures place increasing demands on the valve. Read more about our Hiflex™ compressor valve steel

List of materials - compressor valve steel
grade Description
FreeflexTM A hardened and tempered martensitic stainless compressor valve steel alloyed with copper with excellent dimensional tolerances and flatness.
Hiflex™ A new generation of high-fatigue resistance stainless chromium steel giving design freedom for valves in high-frequency and high-pressure compressors.
7C27Mo2 A martensitic stainless chromium steel alloyed with molybdenum that has higher fatigue strength than our 20C.
20C A carbon steel with 1% carbon offering high fatigue strength.

Tensile strength and thicknesses for our compressor valve steel