What turned the eighties into a golden age for materials development?

Read Mark Newman’s fascinating waltz down memory lane on the history of stainless steel and the significant events that occurred along the way.

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Decommissioning old heat exchangers to recycle high alloy tubes

This new concept is about recycling high alloy steel by offering fertilizer customers a special buy-back solution when replacing equipment at their plants.

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Sandvik solutions in a container

Sandvik has developed a mobile container that goes where customers go, reducing waste, increasing safety and bringing both time and cost savings along for the ride.

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Controlled expansion seoksilla valmistetut tuotteet.

Erilaisia NNS- tuotteita.

Pyöreä lanka

Levyt, ja kelat.

Kaasulla sumutettu metallijauhe

Putket, putkenosat ja laipat

Takeet, valssatut takeet, pursotusaihiot sekä jatkuva valu harkot.

Uunituotteet, lämpökäsittelylaitteet sekä järjestelmät.

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