Sandvik Sanergy® LT pre-coated strip steel for bipolar plates for PEM FC

Pre-coated strip steel with a thin multilayer coating for bipolar plates used in Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell (PEFC) fuel cell applications. Sandvik Sanergy® LT is adapted to large scale production of both 2D and 3D bipolar plates. If combined with high-productive forming, the pre-coated coil provides an outstanding opportunity for the cost-effective industrial mass production of 3D bipolar plates for PEFC. In the case of 2D bipolar plates, Sandvik Sanergy® LT is available in coils up to ton scale for continuous cell production.

Sandvik's production of coated strip for PEFC bipolar plates uses an advanced, environmentally friendly vacuum-coating process.

Main characteristics of Sandvik Sanergy® LT coated strip steel for PEFC bipolar plates

  • Good interfacial contact resistance according to DoE (US Dept. of Energy) requirements (< 10 mΩ cm-2), comparable with gold or graphite
  • Corrosion in PEFC environment < 1 µA/cm2
  • Gas-tight material
  • Low electrical degradation (less than 0.5%/1000 h)
  • Good processing and forming characteristics

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