Brasil Expertise

This webinar series consists of 8 webinars with different topics held in Portuguese


  • Production of stainless steels and its technology

    In this webinar, we discuss the characteristics of stainless steel, chemical elements, the formation of intermetallic phases, and production of tubes. Additionally, we present a case study about the applications where these alloys are installed.

  • Wet and high temperature corrosion mechanisms

    We discuss the details about wet corrosion and high temperature corrosion, its mechanisms, how some alloys perform in corrosive environments, and a comparison between stainless steel alloys during this webinar.

  • Seamless stainless steel tube production technology

    Join this webinar where we explore the technology around Sandvik’s production process during tube production, from melting to packing our products. Furthermore, we discuss the differences between the piercing and extrusion process, as well as roughness and tube cleanliness.

  • Composite tubes and material selection for pulp & paper mills

    In this webinar we discuss the Brazilian pulp & paper market focusing on stainless steel applications, production of composite tubes, and an overview of welding stainless steel for use in this industry.

  • Machinability of stainless steel bars and hollow bars

    This webinar presents the main aspects of our SANMAC technology, its benefits for bar and hollow bar, and its productivity. We also share a case study comparing the machinability performance of SANMAC with other products.

  • Applications of seamless stainless steel tubes in steel mills

    During this webinar, we present an overview of the Brazilian steel industry focusing on the main seamless stainless steel tube applications such as hydraulic and instrumentation lines, heat exchangers, PCI, heat recovers, lean head pipe, and converter hoods.

  • Stainless steel alloys for chemical industries application

    Join us for this webinar where we present the main applications in chemical industries and the material selection for each environment. We discuss applications in corrosive fluids such as sulfuric acid, nitric acid, phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid, caustic soda, EDC/VMC, carbon black, and environments containing chloride.

  • Material selection and specification of seamless stainless steel tubes

    This webinar presents important factors for material selection in respect to process conditions like fluid, operating pressure, and physical properties and important tube characteristics like dimension, chemical composition, analyses, surface finish, tolerances, and production process. In addition, we highlight several case studies showing proper alloy selection for aggressive conditions.

The webinars are presented by sales region Americas and the presenters are:

  • Felipe Beluche
  • Ivy Frazão
  • Renata Mota
  • Jessica Rodrigues

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