Bridging the Gap Between Stainless Steels and Nickel Alloys for refinery applications

Selecting the correct alloys for your refinery application is of utmost importance. One of our specialties is offering innovative and cost effective tubular solutions in corrosion resistant alloys (CRA) for the most demanding applications contributing to longer service life, reduced maintenance time and cost.


  • Introduction of Sanicro 35, our new super-austenitic alloy for refinery applications.
  • Introduction of Sanicro 28, as a cost alternative solution to alloy 825 for Hydroprocessing units
  • General corrosion and stress corrosion cracking of these alloys compared to other austenitic and nickel alloys
  • NH4Cl Under Deposit / Aqueous Corrosion for Crude Distillation Unit (CDU) overhead (OH) service conditions
  • Ammonium Bisulfide (NH4HS) Corrosion Under Refinery Sour Water Service

Presented by

Karen Picker

Technical Marketing Engineer, Americas

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