Returning to profitability together –the benefits of alloying up

While some segments of the market are still under pressure, recovery is imminent, and customers need to ensure the projects that will help them return to profitability are well protected. Sandvik provides customers with seamless pipe products that offer superior metallurgy that leads to a reduction in leaks, pressure drops and premature corrosion.

Join us for a webinar that highlights what makes our pipe products different from the competition and understand why paying a little more upfront, can help decision-makers increase the longevity of their money-making complex systems.


Join us to learn more about:

  • Core capabilities
  • Creating peace of mind
  • Why consider alloying up?
  • Benefits of fabrication and quality standards
  • New markets for pipe
  • How can we help you return to profitability and avoid costly repairs?


Host: Larry Duyka, Product Manager - Pipe and Redraw, Americas

Date and time

1-hour live webinar, recorded June 16, 2021, but Sales Region Americas