CRU Nitrogen + Syngas USA 2022

Event overview

  • When: 2 mai 05:00 - 4 mai
  • Where: Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
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We are delighted to sponsor and present at the CRU Nitrogen + Syngas USA live, in-person gathering on 1-4 May 2022 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. Part of the CRU Nitrogen + Syngas series, CRU has a proven track record of bringing together operators and technical experts to share experience and develop best practices in operations, reliability and maintenance of ammonia, methanol, hydrogen, syngas and urea plants.

Karen Picker will present Wednesday, May 4 at 9:50 am in the Mechanical engineering track. She will discuss suitable alternative materials for nitric acid applications well as recent experiences and developments with bimetallic tubes.