SAF™ 2707 HD Approved by BPV for Use in China

Sandvik Materials Technology, a developer and producer of advanced stainless steels, special alloys, titanium, and other high-performance materials, has received approval from the China Standardization Committee on Boilers and Pressure Vessels – Heat Exchange Branch (BPV) for use of the highly corrosion-resistant SAF™ 2707 HD stainless steel in heat exchanger tubing for refinery hydrotreating around the country.

The grade underwent a near two-year testing program before approval was granted by BPV. Modified to meet China’s specific operational demands, it satisfied extensive international and Chinese tests, and exceeds Chinese standards. Certification for SAF 2707 HD will normally be required every five years, compared to just one year for conventional materials.

Work on the project involved the Sandvik SU China Technical Marketing and Refinery Segment teams, with support from the company’s Production Unit in Zhenjiang.

“China is the largest market for Sandvik Materials Technology in the Asia Pacific region, and this approval from BPV for the use of SAF 2707 HD will enable us to further enhance our offerings to customers. It also reinforces the market-leading position of hyper duplex stainless steel, and allows our customers to now design, fabricate, and install equipment in China utilizing the full advantages of this advanced material,” said Glenn Darley, Sales Director for China and Marketing Manager for APAC, Sandvik Materials Technology.

An expert from BPV shared, “SAF 2707 HD will significantly extend the certification period for refinery hydrotreating unit tubing, thereby providing greater options for operators to increase efficiency and production.”

SAF 2707 HD is a high alloy duplex (austenitic-ferritic) stainless steel. With a typical pitting resistance equivalent (PRE) number of 49.2, it has high strength and good ductility. It is also particularly suitable for aggressive diluted and middle range of mineral acid and chloride environments, as well as organic acid environments.

Benefits of the grade include excellent resistance to pitting, stress corrosion and crevice corrosion cracking, excellent corrosion fatigue properties, extremely high mechanical strength, and good weldability.

SAF 2707 HD can extend the life of tubes in refinery hydrotreating units with high ammonium chloride, ammonium hydrosulphide, and hydrochloric acid corrosion rates. Containing just 7% nickel, it represents a cost-conscious alternative to higher nickel alloys.