Sanergy™ LT – Precoated strip steel for PEFC bipolar plates

To help you scale up and drive down manufacturing costs of bipolar plates for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell (PEFC) applications, we offer pre-coated strip steel in continuous lengths up to more than 10,000 meters. With our Sanergy™ LT technology, you get PVD coated coil with nanometer-level precision – at scale. The low-cost stainless-steel substrate secures economy and durability for 2D and 3D plates. The multi-layer graphite surface offers high corrosion resistance, low gas permeability and enhanced conductivity. An integrated approach with fewer steps and less logistics – in short, cost-effective industrial mass production of 3D bipolar plates for PEFC.

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Sandvik’s production of coated strip for PEFC bipolar plates uses an advanced, environmentally friendly vacuum-coating process applied to long continuous lengths. Instead of waiting for sub-suppliers to coat individual plates, one at a time, you can move directly into forming and stamping at scale. Full traceability and quality controls (with a map report) enable you to pinpoint any non-conforming surfaces that can be easily cut away. And based on your plate geometry, we help you tailor the ideal coil width and slit accordingly to avoid scrap.

Key benefits of Sanergy™ LT coated strip steel for PEFC bipolar plates

  • Low interfacial contact resistance (meets US Dept. of Energy requirements of < 10 mΩ cm2) on a par with gold but less costly
  • Uniform multi-layer coating with nanometer precision
  • Good corrosion resistance in PEFC environment (< 1 µA/cm2)
  • Low electrical degradation (typically less than 0.5%/1000 h)
  • Good processing and forming characteristics

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