Fine medical wire

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Fine medical wire

We offer a comprehensive range of high-grade fine wires and EXERA® wire-based components for applications in various fields of medical technology.

We specialize in providing our expertise in selecting materials and configurations for use in medical applications such as vascular therapy, sensing, and neurostimulation.

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Based on our world-leading metallurgy we offer services such as expert advice in material selection and new product development.
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Meet Katina and three other people whose lives, thanks to the use of different medical devices, have been changed.

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Wire for heart solutions, including guidewires, catheter applications, and pacing leads.

Solutions for information gathering, including pressure, glucose and thermal.

Solutions for middle ear implants for sensorineural hearing loss.

Wire for deep brain, spine, and other stimulation applications.


Isenção de responsabilidade: A Sandvik não está fornecendo quaisquer produtos ou serviços que se destinem ou possam ser interpretados como recomendação ou, de outra forma, aconselhamento, de qualquer maneira, sobre o design, a adequação, a pertinência ou a eficácia, de uma perspectiva médica/biológica/de segurança, de qualquer material médico, instrumento e/ou dispositivo médico.