Hello TIM, what’s available for breakfast? A new era is here. The TIM© Fridge is a tree-inspired, modular refrigerator that can interact and look after you. Based on the latest robotics technology and unique energy-efficient refrigeration methods, it can be assembled to suit both your home and your dietary needs.

Vill du veta mer?

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Interactive head

Uses voice recognition technology to interact with you, giving you nutrition and cooking advice, depending on what food you have stored inside your TIM© Fridge.

Smart sensor

Recognizes each user and controls pre-set access rights. Has the ability to recognize and control access rights for up to 20 users.

Building modules

The modular design lets you build your TIM© Fridge as small or as large as you want, and you can control the temperature as well as access for each module. There are two types of module:

Arm modules are smaller compartments for assembly on TIM© Fridge arms. They are suited for food or beverages that you either want to keep away from children or access more easily yourself.

Basic modules are suited for storage of any kind of food. Each module is equipped with a control system for selecting temperature and access rights.

Modular connections

The super-magnetic connection allows the easy addition of up to 20 modules


Move on command to let the TIM© Fridge serve you or to keep sensitive food or beverages away from children.

Glass doors

Let you see what is inside without opening the door, leading to substantial energy savings.