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13 okt 2011 , Nyhet

Effective today, a new version of Sandvik Materials Technology's website is being launched. The upgraded site offers several improvements in terms of, for example, new functionality.

9 okt 2011 , Pressmeddelande

The 2011 Nobel Prize awarded discovery of quasicrystals by Prof. Daniel Schechtman is intrinsically linked to the ground-breaking work Sandvik has carried out in the field of nanotechnology for more than 20 years.

6 okt 2011 , Nyhet

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has decided to award the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 2011 to Daniel Shechtman, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel, "for the discovery of quasicrystals" in 1982.

30 jun 2011 , Pressmeddelande

Sandvik Materials Technology AB announces a price increase, with immediate effect, across its entire range of standard seamless stainless steel pipe as a consequence of the current market conditions.

9 jun 2011 , Pressmeddelande

Sandvik Materials Technology AB is announcing a price increase for tube and pipe for the production of fertilizer and urea as a consequence of the current market situation.

26 apr 2011 , Nyhet

A microsite for the Vasa/Sandvik R&D collaboration was launched on April 21, 2011.

4 apr 2011 , Nyhet

Under his current contract with Sandvik, Peter Gossas, President of Sandvik Materials Technology, will retire at the age of 62. Accordingly, he will leave the Sandvik Group on 31 May 2011.

25 mar 2011 , Pressmeddelande

Sandvik Materials Technology will, as a consequence of current market conditions, increase its prices for seamless heat exchanger tubing.

14 mar 2011 , Nyhet

Olle Wijk, Executive Vice President and Head of R&D for Sandvik Materials Technology, has received the Kami Prize for his almost 30 years of pioneering research.
"It is with great pride and humility that I receive this award," says Olle Wijk.

10 mar 2011 , Pressmeddelande

The Vasa Museum and Sandvik Materials Technology will enter a long-term research and development cooperation the purpose of which is to replace just over 5,000 long iron bolts in Vasa with specially designed bolts in highly advanced stainless steels from Sandvik.

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