I teorin så låter säljargument ofta vettiga. Men håller produkterna verkligen det som utlovas? En mängd fallstudier från olika industier runtom i världen visar hur vi under åren har hjälpt våra kunder att överträffa sina förväntningar. Här är några exempel:

Reduced energy consumption and increased recuperator life with Sandvik 253 MA.

By selecting SAF 2507 super-duplex tubes, a company operating a marine gas production platform was able to increase working pressure significantly.

Halved lance tube consumption and increased productivity with Sandvik 253 MA.

Sandvik 2RE69 tubes set a world record after operating for 36 years in the CO2 stripper in urea plant.

By using tubes in SAF 2707 HD, a German oil refinery reduced the number of heat exchanger shutdowns from eight to one.

Sanicro 28 tubes proved to be a safe choice to fight hydrogen induced cracking in the heat exchangers of a large Indian oil refinery.

Sandvik helps save Swedish national treasure Vasa with bolts made from Sandvik duplex stainless steels.

Using deep sea manifolds produced by Sandvik's HIP technology a large oil and gas company could increase manifold reliability and service life.

Sandvik solves customer's delivery challenge for heat tracer tubing bundles.

By replacing its existing heat exchanger tube with hyper-duplex stainless steel by Sandvik, a major Caribbean furfural producer has extended its tube lifecycles from two to 15 years.