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Sandvik Materials Technology erbjuder ett brett program av produkter av avancerade rostfria stål och speciallegeringar, baserat på integrerad produktion och ledande FoU.


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Smidesämnen, valsämnen, extrusionsämnen och stränggjutna ämnen.

Produkter och system för industriell värmning.


Sömlösa och svetsade rör, rördelar och flänsar.

Ultra-fin tråd för medicinindustrin samt datorer och elektoniska komponenter.

Plåt i speciallegeringar.

A range of technical services based on our materials and applications knowledge and manufacturing expertise.

Produkter gjorda av legeringar med kontrollerad värmeutvidgning, så kallade controlled expansion (CE) alloys.

Gas atomized metal powders.


Are you experiencing material problems in your equipment that you need to solve, or are you looking for a new solution? Do you need support from idea generation to full-scale manufacture or just a second opinion? Whether you are looking for a partner, special equipment, R&D capability, or engineering competence, please contact us. Our offering is based on 150 years of research, development, and manufacturing experience.

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Digital monitoring

Tubes used in the process industry are exposed to many challenges, such as variations in temperature, strain, and vibration. Monitoring these tubes typically includes a lot of intuition, listening, and guessing.

But what if you could increase safety in your processes by continuous and frequent measurements? Even in areas that are hard to reach manually.

Materials engineering

Stainless steel applications often involve challenging requirements such as corrosion resistance, high strength, and compact designs. Finding the appropriate solution can also be a challenge but we have the resources and competence to help you!

Our service offering, involving our experienced material engineers, R&D facilities, and comprehensive supply chain, includes:

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