H&I tubing

Setting a higher standard within the standard

A tube is a tube, right? Wrong. That is why we have international standards like ASTM and EN certifications to help guide distributors and their buyers. The challenge is that many of these standards are fairly basic or provide recommendations for minimum or maximum levels only. So have you asked yourself whether your supplier is providing the optimum quality for your application - just the right amount of molybdenum, nickel or other element you really need, even if the quality supplied is technically within standard?

Corrosion proof your business

When humidity starts to exceed 75% and temperatures are warm, the risk of corrosion increases exponentially. Add to this salt water in a tropical environment and you'll notice that poor quality seamless tubing will rapidly start to pit or corrode. There can also be big differences - within the standard - for tubing, as tests with major oil companies and fitters show.

Zero tolerance for leaks

Unscheduled downtime due to a hydraulic line that needs repairing can be a major inconvenience and expense. Even worse, the loss of hydraulic fluids or chemicals could lead to a valve shutdown or a loss of instrumentation control. So ask yourself: is your tube supplier giving you sufficiently tight dimensional tolerances to ensure leak-tight seals? Do you get even consistency from batch to batch?

All bends, no breaks

Can you afford to have wall collapses and cracks in the hydraulic or instrumentation tubing in your system? Is the tubing you are currently using giving you controlled hardness for easy bending and leak-free connections? Beware: There are many definitions of what is a good standard. Fortunately, our tube is at the top of the standard on all counts.

Nine steps towards a clean conscience

Our conscience, that is. We can't have peace of mind until we're sure that you're getting ultra-clean hydraulic and instrumentation tubing. After all, when you've spent in excess of $500 million on a refinery or oil platform, you should not risk having contaminated hydraulic fluids in a pump – a situation that could lead to unscheduled maintenance or production stops costing millions.

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