Advanced materials technology making a difference

As a world-leading developer and manufacturer of advanced stainless steels and special alloys, we make industrial processes more efficient, profitable and safer.

Business concept

We are a leading provider of advanced stainless steels and special alloys.

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Game-changing materials

Sandvik materials change the game in many types of industries and applications.

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R&D and innovation

We work intensively to address new and growing challenges facing our customers.

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Sustainable business

Our belief is that sustainability should be integrated in everything we do.

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We are constantly looking for talent in many areas to build for the future.

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Sandvik Group

An engineering Group committed to enhancing customer productivity, profitability and safety.

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Advanced materials – making a difference

At Sandvik, we live and breathe industrial innovation. We search for smart solutions to some of the greatest material challenges, constantly exploring new ground to find more sustainable ways to use and produce resources.

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We hold approvals to, for example, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Sandvik consistently meets customers' expectations and requirements on products and services.

Surcharges for bar, tubular and porecisions strip products