Materials pod Season 2

Season two of the Materials Pod out now! Hear about the steel type used in everything from washing machines to fuel cells!

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The fridge of the future upcoming material needs

In the pursuit to develop the next generation of compressor valve steel, we asked a class of schoolchildren and global appliance manufacturer Electrolux to give us their vision of the future.

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Product groups

Forging billets, re-rolling billets, extrusion billets and continuous cast blooms.

Products made from controlled expansion alloys.

Furnace products, thermal processing equipment and heating systems.

Products in various near-net shapes produced by powder metallurgy based hot isostatic pressing.

Gas atomized metal powders.

Plate and sheet in special alloys.

Precision strip steel.

Tube and pipe in seamless and welded condition, fittings and flanges.

Welding wire and filler wire/ rods, covered electrodes, strip electrodes and welding flux.

Round wire.

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