A six-star approach to make you and your customers more successful

What do you look for in a producer of seamless tubing? Premium grades that meet ASTM and EN standards? A comprehensive stock range? Stock availability to ensure on-time deliveries? Whatever your specific needs, you demand five-star service. But let's face it, there are standards and there are standards. Good may not be good enough. That is why we at Sandvik are adding a sixth star to set an even higher standard. We call it the Sandvik Peace of Mind Standard.

1. Broadest range

We offer more choices and greater flexibility to find the "right" solution by providing the world's broadest in-stock range of seamless stainless hydraulic and instrumentation tubing in the outer diameters of 1.59 to 50 mm (larger diameters available upon request.)

2. Global Production & Stocks

To ensure 24/7 availability, we operate three dedicated mills for hydraulic and instrumentation tubing on three continents and several comprehensive local stock warehouses on all continents.

3. Consistent quality

When it comes to quality standards like corrosion resistance, dimensional tolerance, and hardness control, we set a higher standard within the standard – with all batches traceable back to the original melt at our plant in Sweden.

4. R&D Expertise

With some 2,700 researchers pushing the boundaries of advanced materials, we are constantly pioneering forward-thinking solutions. Should a situation arise, we can provide local support at your facility.

5. 150 Year Heritage

Having produced steel products for more than 150 years and seamless stainless steel tubes for 90 years, you can trust that we have the depth of expertise to support you.

6. Safe environment

We place a very high premium on safety routines within all aspects of our company and work with ongoing CSR and EHS programs.

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