References from the nuclear industry

Sandvik has been delivering top-of-the-range products to nuclear power plants worldwide for more than 60 years. This has given us extensive experience in the materials field for nuclear power applications. We have, for example, delivered nuclear fuel cladding tubes to more than 100 reactor units worldwide. Below are some of our latest projects.

Steam generator tubes
Product Country Year
Sanicro 69 (Alloy 690TT) China 2011
Sanicro 69 (Alloy 690TT) China 2010
Sanicro 69 (Alloy 690TT) China 2009
Sanicro 69 (Alloy 690TT) Sweden 2009
Sanicro 69 (Alloy 690TT) US 2007
Sanicro 30 (Alloy 800) Canada 2007
Sanicro 69 (Alloy 690TT) Finland 2005
Nuclear fuel cladding tubes
Product Country Year
BWR liner cladding Sweden 2016-2018
BWR liner cladding Germany 2016-2018
BWR liner cladding Finland 2016-2018
BWR liner cladding Spain 2016-2018
BWR liner cladding US 2016-2018
PWR cladding Sweden 2016-2018
PWR cladding France 2016-2018
PWR cladding Switzerland 2016-2018
PWR cladding Japan 2016-2018
PWR cladding China 2016-2018
PWR cladding South Africa 2016-2018
Control rod guide tubes
Product Country Year
Sandvik 3R60 (ASTM 316L) France 2007
Sandvik 3R12 (ASTM 304L) France 2007
Sandvik 3XR11 (ASTM 304L+N) Finland 2006
Sandvik 3R12 (ASTM 304L) Finland 2006
Strip for fuel component applications
Product Country Year
Sanicro 75X (UNS N07750) Sweden 2011
Sanicro 75X (UNS N07750) UK 2011
Sanicro 75X (UNS N07750) UK 2010
Sanicro 75X (UNS N07750) Sweden 2009