length matters for higher productivity

To avoid the risk of cracking or corrosion around welds, our high-precision special tubing unit in Werther, Germany is now offering extra-long weld-free coils in lengths exceeding 1,000 meters.

The longer coils of high alloy tube are widely appreciated by the oil and gas industry, where rig crews and well completion teams require a safe, continuous supply of top-end material. The innovation is based on a combination of sophisticated pilgering, precision drawing and proprietary production technology developed by Sandvik.

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When you’re putting steel material into the human body, it needs to be ultra-pure and support the growth of vascular tissue.

When pressures rise to 160,000 psi (12,000 bar), you need tubing that is both extremely strong and has smooth inner surface properties.

To open up new possibilities for you, we continue to expand our range of solutions for extreme thick-walled tubing.

Do you have very specific precision tubing needs? Are they extreme? If so, we may be able to help.