Sandvik saves the Vasa warship for at least another 100 years

The Vasa Museum and Sandvik Materials Technology will enter a long-term research and development cooperation the purpose of which is to replace just over 5,000 long iron bolts in Vasa with specially designed bolts in highly advanced stainless steels from Sandvik.

"As part of this long-term research and development collaboration, we will contribute our expert knowledge in materials technology in addition to bolts made from our most advanced materials," says Peter Gossas, President of Sandvik Materials Technology.

The bolts currently used in the ship have been in place since the salvage operation in 1961, but the iron used in them is corroding and damaging the timber – and the bolts are no longer holding the ship together particularly well.

Old bolt vs. New boltWhen damage to the aging timber structure was discovered a few years ago, the Vasa Museum started its search to find a partner that could guarantee the life of the ship for at least another 100 years. The task fell to Sandvik, and, for the past several years, materials specialists at Sandvik Materials Technology's research and development center have provided assistance in discussions concerning an appropriate material.

The alloy Sandvik SAF 2707 HD®, an advanced hyper-duplex stainless steel developed by Sandvik, is one of the Sandvik materials ultimately selected for the bolts; a material that is normally used in the most demanding environments in the oil/gas industry.

"The longer we can preserve Vasa the better.
It is an honor for us to play a part in saving Sweden's national treasure for at least another 100 years. This is why we have decided to contribute with one of our most advanced materials with superior properties," says Peter Gossas.

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Photo courtesy of The Vasa Museum (photographer/source: Anneli Karlsson, SMM.)