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How digital technology is bringing supply chain improvements to the oil and gas industry

Read this story to find out how the adoption of digital technology is bringing improvements for customers, colleagues, and the environment in the oil and gas industry.

Sanicro® 42 for OCTG

Sanicro ® 42 is an austenitic nickel-base alloy for highly corrosive OCTG downhole applications. The grade is characterized by: Excellent resistance to sulfide stress cracking and stress corrosion cracking (SCC) in sour and chloride (H 2 S/Cl - ) environments Good resistance to

Kanthal in strategic partnership with HYBRIT

We are proud to announce the strategic partnership between Kanthal and HYBRIT, aiming at revolutionizing the steelmaking technology by developing an electric gas heating solution for the hydrogen used to make fossil-free sponge iron.


Kanthal AB Sandvik Materials Technology StripTech AB AB Sandvik Materials Technology

Research collaboration increases material understanding for nickel base alloys

Sandvik Materials Technology (SMT) is carrying out important research with world-class synchrotron techniques that will open new avenues for alloy development.

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