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Research collaboration increases material understanding for nickel base alloys

Sandvik Materials Technology (SMT) is carrying out important research with world-class synchrotron techniques that will open new avenues for alloy development.

Sandvik Advances Partnership with Jiuli Hi-Tech Metals to Manufacture Sanicro® 25

Sandvik and Jiuli Hi-Tech Metals have joined forces to manufacture Sanicro® 25 for high efficiency low emission coal-fired power generation

Choosing the right material for control lines in HP/HT applications

Because no two wells are the same, it’s important to select materials that are fit for their intended purpose. Read on to learn how our experts help you select materials with the correct chemical composition to meet your needs.

Sandvik Ti Grade 2

A corrosion-resistant, unalloyed titanium tubing.

Sandvik's Material Experts: Meet the Team – Sune Åredal

Meet the team behind the Sandvik Tube division. In our new series, we’ll introduce the faces behind this team and hear their insights on the tubing industry.

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