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Meet research engineer Tomas Forsman

Innovation flourishes at the cutting point between customer know-how and Sandvik materials expertise If you have seen Sandvik’s “ Challenging Tomas ” film series, you have already met Tomas Forsman. Tomas is one of Sandvik’s experienced researchers specializing in precision strip steel. While

Halfway through and a whole elephant lighter

June 2016 brought the halfway mark in the bolt exchange that will help save the national treasure and world attraction Vasa — a royal warship that sank to the bottom of Stockholm’s harbor on its maiden voyage in 1628. Detailed evaluations of the renovation work so far show exciting results.

Other demanding applications

Do you have very specific precision tubing needs? Are they extreme? If so, we may be able to help.

Medical implant tubing

When you’re putting steel material into the human body, it needs to be ultra-pure and support the growth of vascular tissue.

High pressure tubing

When pressures rise to 160,000 psi (12,000 bar), you need tubing that is both extremely strong and has smooth inner surface properties.

New alloys, new certifications

To open up new possibilities for you, we continue to expand our range of solutions for extreme thick-walled tubing.

Material specs

Pressurfect and Pressurfect XP Every year, we are witnessing a doubling of pressure in gasoline direct injection (GDI) fuel systems. Pressurfect™ is a new seamless stainless steel tube that allows for stronger, safer handling of fuel pressures over 250 bar/25 MPa – with no pitting or cracking.

The story of Pressurfect

Today, the hunt is on for smarter engine technologies that minimize fuel consumption, reduce CO 2 emissions and still provide plenty of power.

Sandviks automotive history

Are you an automotive or parts company with metallurgical or materials questions? Do you have special needs for high performance, lower emissions or an improved safety profile? Or maybe you're a machine shop looking to work more productively? If so, let's talk. Our 2,500 R&D specialists

About fuel cells

Simply put, a fuel cell is an energy converter that can be used to make electricity and heat from hydrogen. The energy conversion takes place without any combustion. The only emission is pure water. About hydrogen as an energy carrier Hydrogen is also an energy carrier like electricity. This

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