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Minimize maintenance costs

Following technical advice from Sandvik, a Chinese chemical producer is able to run its new plant with high productivity and a minimum of maintenance costs.

Ensure fast tube delivery

Sandvik's ability to offer uniform material quality globally has made it possible to shorten the time for an urgent fabrication project in Korea. Once convinced that Sandvik tubing offers the same high quality wherever it is produced, the end-user was able to benefit from quicker replacement

References from the nuclear industry

Sandvik has been delivering top-of-the-range products to nuclear power plants worldwide for more than 60 years. This has given us extensive experience in the materials field for nuclear power applications. We have, for example, delivered nuclear fuel cladding tubes to more than 100 reactor

The ultimate tube test

NASA center puts Sandvik tubes to the ultimate test Salty tropical waters can destroy even high-quality stainless tubes. So what better place to put our bright-annealed tubing to the test than Florida's NASA Kennedy Space Center? The result: we outperformed industry standards and delivered

About the pilot project

From September 15 to October 17, 2014, Sandvik and the Municipality of Sandviken (Sandvikens Kommun) coordinated a joint pilot project to bring fuel cell vehicles to our community. This pilot test included two fuel cell passenger cars along with a mobile hydrogen refueling station and a

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Sandvik is Sandvik

Regardless of where our customers are located, Sandvik delivers products and services that consistently meet the highest global standards. Sandvik is Sandvik, wherever we are.

Reduce energy consumption and improve yield

Significant energy savings and increased yield with recuperator tubes in Sandvik 253 MA Sandvik 253 MA* proved to be the right steel grade for use in recuperators and played a central role when a Turkish steel manufacturer set out to reduce energy consumption and increase equipment service

Vasa team

What happens when you combine the restoration expertise of the world famous Vasa Museum with the deep knowledge and skill of Sandvik metallurgists? You get the ultimate team for preserving a national wooden treasure for many generations to come. Meet members of the Sandvik team involved in this

Material specs

Material expertise After 50 years in the humid environment of the museum that bears its name, steel bolts installed during the Vasa's reconstruction in 1961 emitted harmful iron to the ship's oak hull. Each bolt had to be replaced. SAF 2707 HD™ – a hyper-duplex stainless steel for severe

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