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Exera® High-N medical wire

A nitrogen-alloyed, austenitic stainless steel with high corrosion resistance and microcleanliness. The grade is part of the Exera® medical wire portfolio.

Exera® 316LVM medical wire

A molybdenum-alloyed high-strength vacuum remelted austenitic stainless steel with excellent microcleanliness and structural homogeneity. The grade is part of the Sandvik Exera® medical materials range.

Tube and pipe solutions for High Temperature challenges

Join us as we discuss guideline s and general method s of select ing the most suitable stainless steel for your demanding applications.

Sanicro® 825

Sanicro® 825 is a nickel alloy with high iron content and a copper addition, suitable for applications in special corrosive environments.


Freeflex™ is a hardened and tempered martensitic stainless compressor valve steel alloyed with copper. Freeflex™ compressor valve steel has excellent dimensional tolerances and flatness.

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