Sentusys™ tube system

What if you could increase safety in your processes by continuous measurements, even in areas that are hard to reach manually? This is possible with Sentusys™ intelligent tube system.

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Tomorrow's materials

To develop the materials that customers and society will demand tomorrow, we need material science. With its world leading materials expertise, Sandvik is well positioned to help create tomorrow’s world.

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Sanicro 25 high-temperature stainless steel

SanicroTM 25 – the best-performing austenitic boiler tube on the market today, developed for Advanced Ultra Supercritical boilers.

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Product groups

Forging billets, re-rolling billets, extrusion billets and continuous cast blooms.

Products made from controlled expansion alloys.

Furnace products, thermal processing equipment and heating systems.

Products in various near-net shapes produced by powder metallurgy-based hot isostatic pressing.

Gas atomized metal powders

Plate and sheet in special alloys

Precision strip steel

Tube and pipe in seamless and welded condition, fittings and flanges.

Medical fine wire and fine wire for computers, electronic components etc.

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