Sandvik launches new wire for efficient production of high-quality reed switches

Sandvik has launched a new wire, Safeni 52, that has precisely the right material characteristics and a new level of feedability that contributes to higher throughput with less downtime for reed switch manufacturers.

Safeni 52 is a soft magnetic iron-nickel alloy with high magnetic permeability, low coercive force, and a low content of non-metallic inclusions. Its thermal expansion is compatible with glass used in reed switches.

Using Safeni 52 wire, reed switch manufacturers can rely on consistently high surface quality, which contributes to the wire's excellent feedability. It runs through equipment cleanly, contributing to higher production throughput with increased uptime as well as high end-product quality and reliability.

Watch video showing how Sandvik tests Safeni 52 wire
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Press release Safeni 52  (PDF document, 33 kB)