EXERA™ - Sandvik’s new brand for life changing solutions

EXERA™ fine medical wire is for example used in medical devices controlling movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and Dystonia. The deep brain stimulation system consists of two parts: microelectrodes and electrical pulse generator. The electrodes are implanted in the brain to deliver the impulses to the nerves and the electrical pulse generator produces stimulation impulses.

We now launch our new brand for fine wire and wire based components used in medical devices - EXERA™. Sandvik’s fine medical wire is a niche product with great growth potential. We distinguish our medical fine wire with a new brand name to better attract medical device OEM’s and universities around the globe. EXERA™ branded products are incorporated into devices which improve people’s lives now and will continue to do so in the future.

As a starting point for EXERA™, some key applications where this brand provides value include:

  • Vascular Therapy (wire for cardiovascular procedures; including guide wires, catheter applications and pacing leads)
  • Sensing solutions (devices for information gathering; including pressure, glucose and temperature)
  • Cochlear Remediation (wire and components included in inner and middle ear implants for extreme hearing loss). Stimulation Therapy (wire and components for deep brain, spinal, and other neurostimulation applications)

Sandvik’s capabilities for manufacturing fine medical wire include, but are not limited to:

  • Wire refinement (premium surface condition, tailored alloy composition including composite wire configurations, forming, precision size and tolerance)
  • Surface treatment (polymer coating, anodizing, electroplating, electropolishing)
  • Value added operations (clean room processing, mechanical assembly, lead finishing, custom cable solutions) Operational services (R&D, lab testing, inventory management, rapid prototyping, technical training)

EXERA™ fine medical wire and wire components are manufactured at our Production Unit in Palm Coast, Florida, USA. This agile production unit combines the advantages of a custom, precision wire manufacturer with the backing of the globally integrated and resource rich Sandvik Group.

At this stage the brand name EXERA™ only incorporates the fine wire and wire based components made in Palm Coast. Other medical related materials from Sandvik will be considered for inclusion under the brand name in the future.

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