Sustainability is an important issue for Sandvik and creates a ‘buzz’ for local bee population

Matthias Wach from Peter-August-Böckstiegel-Gesamtschule, who looks after the 100,000-strong bee colony at the Sandvik high pressure tubing manufacturing facility in Werther, Germany.

Sandvik has been ‘creating a buzz’ at its high-pressure tubing manufacturing facility in Werther, Germany, with the installation of a colony of bees at the site.

Occupying two hives, the Sandvik colony was established in 2017 in co-operation with the Peter-August-Böckstiegel-Gesamtschule and now exceeds 100,000 bees which produce enough honey to be given to customers visiting Sandvik.

The project began with Thomas Froböse of Sandvik and Matthias Wach from the school who, together with his pupils, was already working on a gardening project. This was extended to include the Sandvik car park. The whole 300 sq. meters of the new car park was transformed with new flowers and perennial herbs that were bee and insect friendly and later the hives were added. The beehives are looked after by experienced beekeeper Matthias Wach and his pupils from the school.

Haydn Eagle, Sales & Marketing Director at Sandvik High Precision Tube, said: “There has been a much-publicized decline in the bee population in recent years which in turn has a damaging effect on the whole ecology system due to the lack of pollination. Much of this has been caused by fewer wildflower-rich habitats and the increased use of pesticides, which are very harmful to bees.

“Creating and preserving a sustainable environment is part of our philosophy here at Sandvik and we thought that working with the local school to create a suitable environment for the bees to flourish would go some way to helping the bee population.”