Valmet and Sandvik - a smart combination thanks to Sentusys™

Ever since Sandvik started the development of intelligent tubes, Valmet has been engaged as an interested partner. Today, they are highly involved after the installation of Sentusys™ tubes at the district heating plant of Bomhus Energi in Gävle, Sweden.

​“I heard about the digital monitoring project, contacted Sandvik and asked if it was possible to do something together, and here we are", says Margareta Lundberg, Research Manager at Valmet.

Valmet is a global supplier of equipment to pulp and paper mills and to Margareta Lundberg:Margareta Lundberg, Research Manager, producers. The company is one of the largest suppliers of soda boilers and solid fuel boilers and it's here the roads crossed between Sandvik and Valmet. Today, Valmet is highly involved with Sandvik after the installation of SentusysTM tubes at the district heating plant of Bomhus Energi in Gävle, Sweden.

“With the installation at Bomhus Energi, we can analyze data from the superheater in the boiler. It is a great advantage to be able to measure the temperature right in the middle of the process. In the past, we have calculated and estimated what happens, but with SentusysTM technology we get accurate information on local temperature, which gives us signals about limit values for corrosion", explains Margareta.

So far, no critical details have emerged, but the technicians from Valmet have discovered things they did not recognize from their theories. “We have some people who are a bit surprised. That much I can say", says Margareta and laughs.

Long-term cooperation

What the future has to offer is difficult to predict, but there is no doubt that digital monitoring has great potential. The possibilities for continued cooperation between Valmet and Sandvik appear to be very positive.

“We clearly see the potential for extended usage of SentusysTM tubes. If Sandvik continues s​ensor Sentusysdevelopment, we see new opportunities in both solid fuel boilers and soda boilers. We could for example measure temperature in a bent tube, or maybe tension and vibration", says Margareta.

With the energy sector moving towards more and more renewable energy sources, Valmet’s mission is to secure equipment with long-term durability. Soda boilers and solid fuel boilers will continue to be decisive techniques, while the demand for products that can withstand increasingly harsh corrosive environments is only increasing.

“A biofuel plant is demanding for the equipment because of the aggressive flue gases created in the processes. SentusysTM tubes give us greater control over the product lifetime, which helps us to run the entire plant in a wise and sustainable way", says Margareta.

Complex processes and growing customer demands for increased efficiency and sustainable solutions tell us that Valmet and Sandvik will be fully occupied to meet future challenges from the market.

“I think that we are a good combination. Sandvik develops the tubes and we look at the additional customer value we can generate. I believe in a long-term collaboration with Sandvik", concludes Margareta.