Driving our success through Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI)

As part of Sandvik Materials Technology’s (SMT) strategic preparations, the work on diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) is put in focus for the company’s future success. “We want to ensure a diverse SMT team and an inclusive working environment where people can develop and contribute to their full potential,” says Ulrika Dunker, Vice President & Head of Human Resources.

A collaboration to accelerate

In collaboration with the AllBright Foundation, a non-profit foundation promoting inclusive and equal workplaces, SMT has initiated a project to structure SMT’s work with inclusion, diversity and gender equality. This agenda includes setting diversity and inclusion targets, building a diverse recruitment process and deciding on activities to promote an inclusive culture and behavior.

The aim of the collaboration is to accelerate our equality and diversity work.

“The aim of the collaboration is to accelerate our equality and diversity work. I know from research and experience that this is key for our innovation and business growth”, says Ulrika Dunker.

SMT employees included in the mapping phase

The first phase of the project aims to identify and map current issues. It includes workshops with the management teams, as well as conducting a survey on inclusion, diversity and equality with all SMT employees in Sweden. The survey is conducted in several stages and will continue outside Sweden in 2022.

“This is an important first step! The results of the workshops and the survey will help us identify areas of improvement and form the basis for initiatives going forward,” explains Ulrika Dunker.

Driving success through DEI

Diversity means including and respecting all differences that define us as individuals – from gender to age, cultural and national backgrounds, orientation, ethnicity, as well as differences in education, experience, and skills. Research shows that companies perform better when they promote diversity and equality. For example, diverse teams more effective and likely to contribute to greater creativity and innovation. “This is key for SMT’s future achievement,” explains Ulrika Dunker and continues:

“We are preparing for our future success and setting up an organization that is ready to excel. We want to build an SMT environment that encourages open thinking, where people feel respected, treated fairly, and will have the opportunity to develop and grow, and contribute to their full potential.”

About businesses with diverse and inclusive cultures

Research has a shown many benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace: Higher revenue growth; Greater readiness to innovate; Increased ability to recruit a diverse talent pool.

Businesses which have diverse and inclusive working cultures are 33% more likely to outperform their competitors (Forbes) and 87% more likely to make better decisions (Harvard Business Review).