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Saving national treasure Vasa

Sandvik helps save Swedish national treasure Vasa with bolts made from Sandvik duplex stainless steels.

A multi-million dollar investment demands the cleanest tubes.

The challenge One of the world's leading manufacturers of hydraulic pumps needed a supply of clean hydraulic tubing for cylinders and piping. The company's aim was to minimize the risk of contaminating hydraulic fluids in the pump while reducing installation time to a bare minimum. The

Resisting corrosion in sulphide-rich environment

Sanicro 28 tubes proved to be a safe choice to fight hydrogen induced cracking in the heat exchangers of a large Indian oil refinery.

Prolonging lance tube service life

Halved lance tube consumption and increased productivity with Sandvik 253 MA.

Case stories

Sandvik's products contribute to customers' productivity, reliability and cost efficiency. With a long track record in a wide variety of industry segments around the world, we have over the years helped numerous customers exceed their own expectations. Below are some examples.

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