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Sandvik 10C28Mo2

Sandvik 10C28Mo2 is a martensitic stainless chromium steel developed for razor blade and knife applications with high demands on corrosion resistance. The carefully chosen chemical composition in combination with a very fine microstructure also provides a high hardness, good edge retention,

Sandvik 10C16Mo3V1

Sandvik 10C16Mo3V1 is an 8% chromium steel known for its good wear resistance properties and toughness. The grade is suitable for tools and knives in challenging applications, such as garden tools and harvest knives.


A Polyamide-imide insulation.

Poly 180B and Nylon

Poly 180B is a Thermal Class 180 polyurethane wire enamel that meets the requirements of NEMA MW1000, 82-C or 83-C (when applied with a Nylon overcoat, Poly 180B/Nylon). The Nylon top coat is applied to reduce the coefficient of friction during winding and/or insertion.


A modified polyester resin with additional Nylon overcoat.


A class H modified polyester resin.


PolyClad/Nylon is similar to the PolyClad with the additional polyamide overcoat to improve the abrasion resistance. Typical of a dual coat construction, advantage is taken of the high thermal properties of the polyester-imide and the mechanical properties of the nylon. Typical applications are


A synthetic fluoropolymer coating.


A polyurethane wire enamel with additional Polyamide overcoat.


A THEIC modified Polyester insulation coating.

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