Successful collaboration between Sandvik and ABB boosts productivity with real-time data

The massive furnace RULLUGN 125 at Sandvik Materials Technology took a digital leap when it was upgraded with the ABB Ability™ Operations Data Management zenon software solution, leading to significantly improved processes.

Sandvik’s RULLUGN 125 furnace is the nerve center of the business, churning out tons of high-alloy stainless steel, used for razors, knives and other metal products, round the clock.

"This oven is the hub of our business and it must not stand still," says Torbjörn Pettersson, automation engineer at Sandvik.

To upgrade the relay-controlled furnace with the latest technologies. Sandvik chose ABB’s solution including ten highly efficient DCT880 drives, combined with a PLC AC500 control system., backed up by the ABB Ability™ Operations Data Management zenon software solution. The data management platform seamlessly connects machines, infrastructure and production assets.

The advanced software has become a real boost in production and led to increased operational reliability, reduced maintenance, as well as improved safety. Screens near the furnace and at the plant’s main office display key parameters such as temperature, gas and water flow. This data provides operators with a clear picture of the furnace atmosphere, so they can make adjustments and improve flow.

"We find collecting all of the data, including energy consumption, very useful,” says Torbjörn Pettersson, Sandvik automation engineer. “In the event of a malfunction, we have the data to help us make the right decisions. Digitalization is one of Sandvik's focus areas and ABB Ability™ zenon is a vital solution to ensure we remain competitive.”