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Guitar virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen challenges Sandvik's cutting-edge technology. See how we created the world’s first smash-proof guitar and put it to the ultimate test.

Watch the making of the smash-proof guitar

See how the all-metal smash-proof guitar was made, tested and then placed in the hands of guitar virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen.

Creating the world’s first smash-proof guitar

We tested our cutting-edge technology by building the world’s first all-metal, unbreakable guitar and let Yngwie Malmsteen unleash his smashing skills on it.

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Watch Yngwie unleash the fury

How we made it happen

Sandvik gathered experts from across the company to demonstrate how its engineers could use sustainable, cutting-edge techniques to make something both highly precise and amazingly durable.

Game-changing materials

Learn how we make industrial processes more efficient, profitable and safer.

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The world's lightest and strongest structure

The ILS (Isotropic Lightweight Structure), made from Sandvik hyper-duplex stainless steel, adds strength to the neck.

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Explore the guitar

See details on how the guitar was constructed.

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Additive by Sandvik

The guitar body, switches and tailpiece were all built from titanium powder using additive technology.

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