Material and specification selection

Are you planning to invest in new equipment? Choosing the right material for equipment components can be difficult if the application requires more than just a standard stainless steel. Today there are hundreds of stainless alloys to consider, along with other high performance materials such as nickel alloys, titanium and zirconium. They all have different material properties with their own strengths and weaknesses. We can help you select the best material for your application.

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Material selection service

We can help you out with various services, depending on your situation. Let us know what you are interested in:

  • Material selection for basic components, such as bar, tube, strip and wire.
  • Selection of material for components made with welds, bent into shapes, machined and heat-treated.
  • Life cycle support

Material selection for basic components

A common approach to material selection is to use the same stainless material everywhere, since it simplifies engineering, fabrication and sourcing. However, this can often create material related issues during operation that can lead to equipment failure with loss of production, costly downtime and safety hazards. If the component is critical to operations, material selection should be made with care.

Material selection for complex components

Equipment and components made with welds, bent into shapes, machined and heat-treated require particular attention.

Life cycle support

A life cycle analysis helps you to mitigate technical risks associated with choosing a new and more advanced stainless material, along with subsequent maintenance. We help you evaluate application requirements, materials, manufacturability and availability. The service includes balancing the needs of an operation (low risk of failure, long lifetime) with manufacturing risks and procurement costs.


Contact us with a short description of your requirements. Shortly thereafter, we will send you a quotation. After the analysis, you will receive a technical report that can be used for material decision support for your stainless product or component.

Other material consulting services

  • Engineering and design support
  • Material modeling
  • New materials and optimizations
  • Standards, norms and certificates

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