Advanced stainless steels and special alloys

What turned the eighties into a golden age for materials development?

Read Mark Newman’s fascinating waltz down memory lane on the history of stainless steel and the significant events that occurred along the way.

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Decommissioning old heat exchangers to recycle high alloy tubes

This new concept is about recycling high alloy steel by offering fertilizer customers a special buy-back solution when replacing equipment at their plants.

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Sandvik solutions in a container

Sandvik has developed a mobile container that goes where customers go, reducing waste, increasing safety and bringing both time and cost savings along for the ride.

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Product groups

Forging billets, re-rolling billets, extrusion billets and continuous cast blooms.

Furnace products, thermal processing equipment and heating systems.

Products in various near-net shapes produced by powder metallurgy based hot isostatic pressing.

Plate and sheet in special alloys.

Precision strip steel.

Tube and pipe in seamless and welded condition, fittings and flanges.

Fine medical wire and fine wire

Gas atomized metal powders.

Products made from controlled expansion alloys.

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